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well... the Tora/Hiroto-Pairing is standard xD
but somehow it's hard to imagine them together
so that's why I drew them (ö__ö )

only sketched it (>__< )
first I wanted to do a line-art and color it with copics or something but now I'm not interested in doing it anymore X'D

9.3.08 22:42

Waiting for Customers

yeah yeah it's stupid, but ...

I read to much bad FanFiction
and the result is ... this~ >_<;

21.2.08 20:41

Alice Nine

I finally managed to finish this drawing (x__x)
It was lying around for about 4 months~

so... here it is :D

I really thought the balls would be the easiest part xD

16.2.08 23:59

1st Entry


It's my Art-Blog for now.
I'll post all the unplublished sketches,
stuff and crappy shit like that :D
and you absolutely don't need to like it,
I'm not one of those
excellent artists
I probably want to be (>_<; )
But feel free to comment though <3

Have a nice Day :D

16.2.08 00:21

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